A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Dead? No problem! 

Your friendly neighborhood gravekeeper is here to take care of all the real estate you brought with you to the afterlife (your grave). 

Play as a ghostly custodian to haunt away grave robbers and repair the tombstones of your compatriots in the ever after. Who~oo knows? You might make some friends too!


Space  -  Ghost scream
Shift Dash
Possess & Depossess objects
E  -  Pick up offerings and interact with ghosts
F  -  Pay respects (place offering on grave)
Escape  - Pause game

Our Team:

Programmer: Mezix
Art Lead: Tung
2D Artists: Vbuns, Palinola, Ornable, Lee
3D Artist: Jarrod
Writing: Palinola, Vbuns, Mezix
Cheerleader: Pann


You can find multiple versions of our game because we wanted to be able to look back at them. The newest version is currently called "Haunted Kinda - Version 0.5",  a preliminary final build until we can polish up the game. 

And if you're interested, you can also view the original version created within the constraints of the game jam.

Additional Files used: 

Some of the sounds in this project were created by David McKee (ViRiX)


Haunted Kinda - Game Jam Version.zip 28 MB
Haunted Kinda, Version 0.5.zip 34 MB
Haunted, Kinda - Version 0.5.zip 35 MB


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YOOOO mez with the good stuff! 

Hehe the newest version isn't even up yet ;) Will work on uploading that soon :D



OOOO I appreciate you playing it and actually getting to the end screen :)))

thanks for playing! i'm so glad you enjoyed it

i like retro


awesome work, great theme! love the art and animations.

ooo thank you sm,, appreciate the kind words :, )


Hello, just wondered if I'm ok to play the audio  as i'm playing the game on my youtube channel or if i'll need to mute the sound for copyright 

yeye ofc,, you can play it normally no worry about copyright :)

if you can drop the link after you play it that would be so cool :D)

Yes sure of course!